• Sweeper Sorter Thumbnail Image

    Sweeper Sorter


    Many small and medium sized distributors believe that sortation and automation is far too costly of an investment to make but they also … more

  • Innovative Vertical Sortation Thumbnail Image

    Innovative Vertical Sortation

     Summary of Innovation

    High speed vertical lifts were integral in HOJ Engineering’s order picking solution.  By utilizing USS’s vertical lifts, HOJ Engineering was able … more

  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Thumbnail Image

    Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor


    Operations were being enhanced and improved for the UTZ chip manufacturer in Hanover, PA. The integrator, WEPCO Inc. presented UTZ with an overall … more

  • Tray Staging Lanes Thumbnail Image

    Tray Staging Lanes


    The Electronics Systems Division of Northrop Grumman has a business unit that supplies equipment for both letter and flat mail sortation to the … more

  • Stacking Over Conveyor Thumbnail Image

    Stacking Over Conveyor


    When the United States Postal Service needs advice and equipment for letter and flat mail sortation, they turn to the Electronic Systems Division … more

The staff at USS brings innovative solutions to our customers that are inspired by our global experiences to best solve your toughest material handling needs.

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 The best way to describe their equipment is "headache free".  It just runs with no problems.-Christine Lewington